Thursday, January 14, 2010

How to draw a monkey

Day 7

Today I realized something sort of amazing. Aya has begun to draw representational pictures.She's always been a prolific scribbler, but you can see how she is trying to make sense of things. She drew a monkey (we've been seeing a lot of our resident monkey family.)

She drew its head, body, legs and tail. They were all more or less recognizable (a circle, a sort of square, four stick and a long, squiggly thing,) but they were all in the wrong places. The tail came out of its head and all four legs came out of one part of the body.

It was an amazing thing to see unfold before my eyes. As a father I was really proud.

After my lesson with Glenio and Marvio, I am beginning to realize my daughter is slightly better at drawing monkeys than I am at jiu jitsu. I know some of the parts and what they look like, but they're still crude and I haven't even begun learning how they all go together. I doubt I'll ever be a Rembrandt, but maybe someday I'll be able to draw a decent monkey.

No lesson today - just a long day at the beach getting burnt. Russ and I are going to see Gleno tomorrow and I 'm setting something up with Marvio over the weekend. Glenio has some group classes starting Wednesday - hoping to find one sooner than that.

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