Thursday, December 31, 2009

PENAO: Forward Roll Against the Turtle

This is the first instructional video series I ever put together - featuring 6th degree Carlson Gracie black belt Penao.

There are currently four videos - I still have editing work to do on the last two or three.

Penao is a great instructor and mentor. His former students include Anderson Silva and Paulo Filho. Penao has recently returned to Brazil.

Despite a bit of a language gap, I learned a lot from him about the history and culture of jiu jitsu in Brazil - not to mention his seemingly bottomless reservoir of technical knowledge.

Attacking the turtle seemed to be a specialty of Penao's so I concentrated the series on those techniques.


The beginning

It's New Year's Eve 2009, with all the promise of a new year and a new decade ahead of us.

Today I am starting this blog.

My intentions are simple: document my journey, share it with anyone who cares to read along and show people the beauty and effectiveness of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

I am not an expert or up-and-comer. I am a blue belt who started late in life. Maybe a few beginners will read this and be inspired a little bit. Maybe other people like me will recognize themselves in my ramblings. Maybe a few black belts will read it and laugh.

I am fortunate that I get to travel a fair bit. I always try to meet other BJJ practitioners on the road. When I do, I will share it with you here.

In one week, I leave for Brazil. This is not the Jiu Jitsu pilgrimage some younger competitors make. I am traveling on vacation with my wife and daughter. BJJ is part of my life, so when I travel, I will train. and I will definitely be training in Brazil. But don't hold it against me if I'm not living at the academy down there - my family comes first.

I'm sure I will meet some interesting characters. I am taking a video camera and hope to document some of this adventure for this blog.

All the best,