Monday, August 9, 2010

Tonight we revisited some techniques we learned from Robson Moura at a recent seminar.

First we did a flow drill Robson showed us

Begin with partner A seated. Partner B is standing at his feet.

A: Kick out and technical lift.

B: Shoot in for the double.

A: Sprawl and move towards the back.

B: Turtle roll to recover guard. Arm drag, take the back and put in both hooks.

Then we reviewed an armbar from guard Robson showed us:

- Take a sleeve grip. Reach under his hand and grab your own wrist, Break the grip. Drag the arm back and over to the far side. Tuck it into your armpit as your dive your arm under. Bite down with your inside leg as you swing your outside leg over to finish the armbar.

This is a TIGHT armbar - but I found it a little tricky. I keep losing the arm from under my armpit. I'll work on it.

Next up, the cross hook sweep from Spider Guard.

Control both sleeves. Create distance and lasso one leg over your opponents arm - hooking it under the far armpit. Plant your other foot and use it to bring yourself into a position perpendicular to your opponent. use the grips and your hook to sweep him onto his side. Maintain control of the sleeve to hunt for the armbar.

I cannot find videos of these particular techniques online. But here is a neat-o omoplata set up he also showed - and a RIDICULOUS spider guard sweep i really need to try sometime.

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